ClayOH Ceramics - Thomas Harris

Contact Info

contact me via email: thomas at clayoh dot com


To Purchase: contact me directly, or go to: Artful Home

Partial Show Schedule 2017:

April 20-23: Main Street Arts Fest - Fort Worth TX
May 4-6: Brookside Art Annual - Kansas City MO
May 27: Round the Fountain - Lafayette IN
June 3-4: 57th Street - Chicago IL
June 9-11: Old Town - Chicago IL
July 20-23: Ann Arbor (Original section) - Ann Arbor MI
Aug 4-6: Uptown Art Fair -Minneapolis, Mn
Sep 1-3 Long's Park Art Festival - Lancaster, PA
Oct 1: Saint James (St James court section) - Louisville, Ky
Oct 27-29: Riverarts Fest - Memphis TN
Nov 3-4: Local Clay Potters Guild Bloomington IN
Nov 30: Dec 1-3 Potters Market - Southfield MI